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Juneau Amateur Radio Club, Inc.

The below  links are to various Ham Radio Clubs or organizations. Most are from Alaska.

 ARRL: The American Radio Relay League 
 ARRL: Part 97 Rules and Regulations related to ham Radio 

Alaska Amateur (Ham) Radio Clubs links 


Yukon Amateur Radio Association, Whitehorse, YT Canada 
 Amateur Radio Clubs in Canada (RAC List) 
 University of Hawaii at Manoa (UHaM) 
 Kauai Amateur Radio Club 
 Hawaii West Amateur Radio Society, Kailua-Kona, Hawaii 

                        ​ARES (Amateur Radio Emergency Service) Links 

Last Updated on: 11/12/2017 

These are sites of interest from JARC Members. The member who nominated a site has his or her callsign listed after the site in (parentheses)

 New! Internet Radio Linking Project (WA6AXO) 
 National Weather Service Weather Forecast Office Juneau (PAJK) (KL0XG) 
 QRZ Daily FCC Report New Licenses (9A/KL7GT) 
 State of Alaska Division of Emergency Services (9A/KL7GT) 
 AMPRNET / INTERNET GATEWAYS Home - Amateur Radio on the Internet (9A/KL7GT) 
 N2JEU's Web Controlled Radio (WA6AXO) 
 The Aurora: Information and Images 
 Earth and Moon Viewer (AL7BP) 
 Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Home Page (9A/KL7GT) 
 About Juneau: (KL3TJ)

                   Alaska Plus Yukon Plus Ham Radio = Magic in The Far North
KL7DR's Alaska Ham Radio Satellite Web Site (KL3TJ)