Juneau Amateur Radio Club, Inc.

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                                                   Amateur Radio Emergency Service

This page is for forms and files handy for ARES members. 

​ Form

Incident Command

National Traffic System 

Emergency and Disaster

Juneau Contact Numbers

Southeast Alaska Contact numbers


Recommended Training

FSD 218

FSD 98(687)


FSD - 3

CS309 Communications Log

FSD - 220 Communications procedures

Simulated Emergency Test
2001 ARRL Guidelines

ARRL Emergency Coordinator Manual


Instructions on Incident 
Command structure

A diagram of the various 
Nets available in Juneau

A Plan for Juneau (PDF)

Handy contact sheet
for Juneau Emergency Services

Emergency numbers in SE communities

American Red Cross welfare
inquiry form

A list for ARES members

Relief Emergency Routine Messages
Recommended Procedures

ARES registration form

ARRL Radiogram Form

Relief and Routine
Numbered Radiograms

Incident Communications Log

Handy chart of useful info: ARRL 
Com Procedures, Phonetic Alphabet,
RTS System, time conversion chart

ARRL Set (link)

Emergency Coordinator Manual (PDF)

Useful for

ARES Members - Any Ham

Any Ham

ARES Members

NET Controllers

Net Controllers

Ares Members and 
Any Ham

ARES Members

Ares Members

Hams interested in joining ARES

Any Ham: highly recommended

ARES Members

ARES Members

Any Ham

Any Ham: highly recommended
for ARES Members to review

Emergency Coordinators

World's first "portable" radio