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Here are some links that contain information of interest to Hams

Ham Radio Websites:

Howard, AL7BP recommends a few websites:

http://ke4uyp.tripod.com/80m_160m_Antenna.html for design of an 80-160 meter antenna.

http://www.dxzone.com/ For information on DXing.

Here is another catch-all site with link to lots of others:



Internet Radio Linking Project (IRLP)

Coupled with the power of the Internet, IRLP will link your repeater site or simplex station to the world in a simple and cost effective way. 

Winlink 2000 - (WL2K) is a worldwide system of volunteer resources supporting 
e-mail by radio, to learn more click here

 AmQRP site -  check out their kits
  Small Wonder Labs - Great inexpensive kits
  Elecraft - Makers of the K2, K1 and KX1 kits

  Propagation Related Link:

  Our propagation page

  DXing Related Link:

  Contest calendar and DX calendar

  Satellite Related Link:

  Functioning HamSats

  More Links:

                       The ultimate collection of ham linksAC6V - The ultimate collection of ham links

Ham Radio equipment, antennas, etc GO

Link to ham radio info - antennas, kits, codes, beacons for web GO

Sound Card Links:


Best 24bit-96Khz Soundcard



Last updated on: 03/15/2012
Because ham radio has a thousand good things for anyone who's intrigued by the science of communication. The original home of open-source hardware, you can build a transmitter from cast-off electronics, if you like, or spend thousands of dollars on gadgets that look like a Hollywood set dresser's wet dream. You can create a transmission site that lets you blast signals wherever you like through sheer muscle, or use the latest DSP techniques (as created by a Nobel Prize-winning radio astronomer, who occasionally takes over Arecibo for ham fun) to whisper tiny amounts of power into the ionosphere and watch them snake across the globe from your browser. 

There's TV - slow, fast, digital - there are satellites and astronauts (they do talk back), there are plenty of new data modes, there are VOIP links (there's an app for that), there are collectors of the old and triers of the new. 

Ham radio lets you do things nothing else lets you do.
Juneau, Alaska  NETS
The beauty of Amateur Radio is the sharing of information. Hams have a long history of passing on what they know to others. This section is part of that tradition. Using the instructions below you can nominate your site, send in an interesting site, or add a link that we just seem to have forgotten. The strength of this section is with it's readers, so please make a nomination!

To nominate a site, or to crosslink a your site with ours, the process is simple. Just double or triple check the URL and e-mail it to: webmaster. In the body of the message please give your name and call sign. JARC members will have their call sign listed after the link (mainly so we know who to blame - just kidding). This feature is limited to members of the JARC, but others can be included at the discretion of the webmaster. 
Crosslinking is welcome. If you have your own ham radio site please include http://www.jarcjuneau.com on your site. 

Below are links to the home page(s) of JARC members. 

 New! Internet Radio  Linking Project (WA6AXO) 
 9A/KL7GT - Jon Newstrom 
 WA6AXO - Frederick A. Hoskinson