Juneau Amateur Radio Club, Inc.

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S.E. ALASKA Repeaters
JARC's Downtown Juneau Repeater (KL7JRC-R) is located on Mt. Roberts, seen here from across the channel in Douglas, Alaska. No need to worry about your handy talkie from cruise ships as the repeater is a thousand feet above you!

Yukon Amateur Radio Association repeater map page link. Click HERE

Cruise Ship Passenger Guide

Repeater Status (as of 10/2017) See latest Newsletter for current operations

​As noted, some of these repeaters are linked. All are open repeaters and visitors are welcome. Repeater use is encouraged; simplex doesn't work all that well in our hilly terrain. Please frequently pause so other traffic has an opportunity to break.
 Repeater Location                    H - T  Frequencies                              Condition

MT. Roberts tramway

Lena Point

Hoonah Mountain

Haines Repeater

Skagway Crossband

Pederson Hill





Operating normally

Operating normally

Not operating, equipment removed

Not operating, needs minor repairs

Equipment removed

Operating normally

                                                           Juneau Private IRLP Repeaters

  KL2ZZ                                     147.120 (+0.6)                              123 Hz sub audible tone
  WA6AXO                                 444.700 (+5.0)                             141.3 Hz sub audible tone
  WA6AXO                                 146.880 (-0.6)                              100 Hz sub audible tone
  KLOTN​                                    147.420 simplex                           100 Hz sub audible tone

Yukon Amateur Radio Association Repeaters:
-Chilly Ridge 146.940 (-0.6) 100 Hz sub audible tone
-Eaglecrest 147.360 (+0.6) 100 Hz sub audible tone
Juneau/Alaska Nets to participate/listen to:

                NET                                              Website                                   Frequency in MHZ                          Time (AK)
Alaska Pacific Net     http://alaskapacificnet.org/    14.292 MHz USB       M-F 8:30 AM
Alaska Snipers net     http://snipersnet.kl7.net/      3.920 MHz LSB        Daily 6:30 PM
Alaska Bush Net                                        7.093 MHz LSB        Daily 8:00 PM
Motley Net                                             3.933 MHz LSB        Daily 9:00 PM
​Club Roll Call net                                                          Tuesday 7:00 PM