Juneau Amateur Radio Club, Inc.

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Classes are held periodically. Contact Pat Moore, AL7L 
or email: kl7jrc@gmail.com if you are interested

Classes and Exams
Last Updated on: 8/1/2017 

NOAA NWS Forecast Office where the club's exams and monthly meetings take place
It's never too early or too late for a new hobby!
General ham radio license class
Who: Anyone with a technician license

When: Sept 19 - Oct 28 Tuesdays & Thursdays 7-9pm and Saturdays at 9am

Where: NWS Weather Forecast Office, 8500 Mendenhall Loop Road

How much: No charge for the classes or the exam; you may want to purchase the text:
ARRL General Class License Manual. Available online.

Lead Instructor: Jeff Deaner, KL7JVD, alaskaboy07@ak.net

More information: email KL7JRC@gmail.com

Extra class to follow on the same schedule 11/2 - 12/26

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